4 Signs That Tell Wedding Photographers If Your Marriage Will Last

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 5:25 PM, Apr 12, 2018 Updated: 10:22 AM, Jul 20, 2018

Wedding day: it’s one of the most important days of your life! But how do you know if your marriage will last as long as your nuptial photos do? We spoke to wedding photographers Kelly and Ben Koller, who shared four signs that tell them whether your marriage will last…or not.

1. The Budget

The first sign to look for is how a couple handles the budget. “We encounter the budget right from the bat, bvefore the wedding day obviously,” Says Ben. “Sometimes a year to two years before the wedding day.” They say the couple that budgets together, bonds together! “If you’re spending $10,000 on a wedding, or $100,000 on a wedding – it doesn’t matter where the money goes as long as you’re on the same page.”

2. The Focus of the Wedding

The next sign is the focus of the wedding. Being obsessed with the material things can mean you’re missing out on the real moments. “On the day itself, we’re hoping […] they get away from those details, [and] really concentrate on why they’re there – which is their relationship, and coming together as a married couple,” shares Kelly. Right on, sisterfriend!

3. Physical Connection

Now let’s delve into the physical connection. We all know weddings can have awkward moments; we’re not used to having a camera capture our every move! But Ben urges couples not to sweat the small stuff: “I think it’s really important to remember that we can fix the makeup. We can fix the hair right, but we can’t fix the moment.” If a couple can survive an obstacle here, it’s a good omen!

4. Attentiveness

And the final sign is attentiveness. “We just want to see the bride and groom – or the groom and groom, or the bride and bride – being attentive to each other [and] focused on each other,” admits Kelly. The wedding day is the first day of a lifetime together – so a couple who looks out for each other is off to a good start.

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