4 stars cruise for laughs while driving for Lyft

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 4:26 PM, Jun 6, 2017

Can you imagine being able to sing your favorite song on the radio with the people who wrote it? Amazing…or potentially embarrassing. Well, the next time you jump into a Lyft, make sure you pay a bit more attention to the driver because they might be someone you know – not from school or work, though – from your "Sweet Jamz" Spotify playlist:

It's like a dream come true! No, literally. I had a dream once where Joe Jonas was my Lyft driver and we ran away and got married; then honeymooned at the beach and…uh, nevermind.

What's that? You wouldn't start happy squealing if you discovered a Jonas brother was your Lyft driver? What if your driver was Danica Patrick? Or Shaq? You'll be looking twice at your next driver after watching these 4 videos of celebs going undercover to surprise unsuspecting fans.

1. Rob Gronkowski

You might love him on the field but you'll also love him as your ride – watch what happens when these riders get Gronked.

2. Danica Patrick

If you plan to get through traffic with no trouble, having a race car driver at the wheel might be the way to go. These Lyft riders get a taste of the fast lane when Danica Patrick picks them up.

3. Undercover Shaq

Ever wonder what Shaq looks like in a bob wig? Or a ZZ Top beard? Find out when he brings out some pretty hilarious disguises to fool his riders.

4. Demi Lovato

If you need some tips on how to hit those high notes, keep an eye out for a Lyft with singer Demi Lovato picking up fares.

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