4 summer beer toys for dad (or secretly yourself)

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By: Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:24 PM, Jun 14, 2017

Dads work hard from the day their kids are born. They build sandboxes and dollhouses; they put band aids on boo boos and reserve their yelling voices for when they really need them. So if anyone deserves to kick back (or turn up) with a cold one, it's Dad. But the bar raising beer enhancers Jared Cotter will show you are so game changing, you might want to keep them for your own summer parties and brews – we won't tell.

1. Floating Beer Pong

Do you, ahem, I mean, does Dad, love to be the life of the party? Challenge your old man to round with this sweet pong set that can go from the table to the pool. Game on for about $30 – and watch those elbows.

2. Das Can In Stein

No, I didn't sneeze. I said get one of these! This stein will keep Dad's beer cold and keep the kids and grandkids knowing who's boss – Viking style. Bestow your Dad's power upon him with this $9 gift idea available on Amazon.

3. E-Cool Beer Fridge

If your Dad doesn't mind a little manual labor with his gifts (unless you plan on doing it…), get him this eco-friendly beer safe that keeps cans cool without using electricity. Hopefully you've saved up your allowance though – this gift will cost you $369.

4. The Cap Zappa

Want a BFF gift for your dad, but don't want to get lame keychains? Pick up these bottle opener toys that are practical and pretty unique (and come in two packs). Give your dad something to think of you fondly with for $10 on Amazon.

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