4 summer hacking items you can find in a diaper bag!

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By: Donna Ruko | Jessica Robertson Posted: 5:33 PM, Jun 8, 2017

Babies are precious and a lot of fun – but they do come with more than a few accessories, especially when it comes to summer fun: toys, diapers, sunscreen, hats. It's a whole lot to carry, and don't even get us started on the umbrellas and towels you've got to lug too. Luckily, some of those baby essentials can actually double as outdoor essentials too! Donna Ruko's showing you how to hack your outdoor summer trips with these double duty diaper bag contents.

1. The Diaper Ice Pack

Be prepared for any potential ouchies with this DIY diaper ice pack! Pour rubbing alcohol and water into a diaper and freeze it. The alcohol can keep the pack cool for up to 4 hours. And it costs less than typical store bought ice packs!

Now the question is, do you think we can freeze all-healing boo-boo kisses…?

2. Petroleum Jelly Repellant

Don't let the ants go marching through your summer food fun! Take back your meal by lining the edge of your plate with jelly! Those ants won't know what hit them…well, stuck them, more like.

3. Baby Powder Sand Buster

Being at the beach is always a relaxing experience – until you have to get that sand off your feet. Sometimes it feels like you need a leaf blower! But if you've got a diaper bag, you've got the solution. Just powder your feet, and you're sand-free in no time.

4. Diaper Rash Sunscreen

If you've got some diaper rash cream on hand for baby, you can also use it as a chemical-free sunscreen. Diaper rash cream has zinc oxide in it, and 40% of zinc oxide is about 60 SPF – so you can do the math to find the best amount for you. Don't feel like calculating? No problem – the creams also work on bug bites.

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