4 Surprising Ways to Survive Tragedy and Thrive

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 6:40 PM, Sep 29, 2017

While working every day can seem like a huge challenge, few of us will ever face the kind of obstacles Jeff Bauman has had as a victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Jimmy Rhoades spoke to Jeff and Jake Gyllenhaal, who's portraying him in the new movie Stronger, to get some tips on how to survive tragedy, and thrive.

1.  Heroes Don't Always Look Heroic

In the wrong place at the wrong time, this regular guy wasn't ready to be a role model, but it was the hand Jeff Bauman was given. There were points in his life where he didn't think he was going to get out of it, but he does. Sometimes muddling along the best you can is good enough.

2.  Rely on Family Even If Your Family's a Mess

The people around Jeff got him through it and that's why he's here today. His dad especially. He can be rough at times, whether it's yelling at Jeff or trying to challenge him, but his dad is super strong and he's always trying to make Jeff feel better.

3.  Someone is Looking Up to You

As a reluctant hero Jeff has finally accepted what he means to people and understands how important his story is to others. He is a true hero in every way and does everything he can to live up to this important title.

4.  Check In On Your Tribe

This isn't a story about just Jeff. Go home, give a call to the person you know who's going through something hard and let them know that you're there. It's about community and those are the people who get us through. The people around us and the people who really love us.

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