4 Things Police Say Can Protect Your Home from Theft

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 5:02 PM, Dec 12, 2017

You've see them on the news, on your social media pages, maybe even in your neighborhood – package thieves – those sneaky individuals that prey on your deliveries and wait 'till you least expect it to take them from your home to theirs. So, we talked to the Phoenix Police department to find out 4 simple, inexpensive, DIY ways that you can keep porch pirates away, and keep your packages safe.

1. Leave a Pair of Workboots Out

Leaving a pair of workboots on your front porch or by your front door makes your home look occupied – even if you aren't home. If a crook thinks someone is in your home (particularly a tough guy), they won't take the chance on breaking in.

Don't like the idea of leaving a *man's* pair of shoes out? Still do your best to make your home look occupied when you aren't there – leave on lights, or even make it look like your tv is on, with this FakeTV light. You can also consider getting a deadbolt lock which are much harder for thieves to try to break than a regular lock – and if thieves think they'll spend too much time at your door, they'll move on to an easier target.

2. Add Old Glory to Your Home

Use the assumption that flag-flyers pack heat to your advantage. According to an ex-burglar, some potential thieves (himself included) avoid homes that have an American flag flying on the property. To a burglar, if a home's occupants show off their patriotism with a flag, they may also show off their patriotism by acting on their right to bear arms – and that danger isn't worth trying to break in.

3. Who Let the Dogs Out?

If you have a dog at home, then you already have one of the greatest burglar deterrents out there. If a burglar knows there's an animal inside they might have to fight off, they'll move on to a different house. So, when you aren't home, make sure your pup can get to a spot where they can bark at and scare away potential intruders. And if you don't have a dog – fake having one.

Make burglars think a your home has a dog by getting a doggie door – particularly one that would fit a fairly large pup. Just be careful not to get one too big – some brazen crooks do try to use doggie doors to get into homes. If you don't want to add a dog door to your home, consider putting a big dog dish near your front or back door, along with a dog toy. Making it seem like there's a big dog who frequents your yard tells thieves that, if they want to mess with your home, there's a dog somewhere on the premises that won't be happy to see them.

4. Outfit Your Ride with LEDs

While most of our cars come with theft-deterring alarms, the bright light of an LED indicator will help freak out any potential thieves – especially if you find red or blue flashing LEDs. Nothing stops a crook faster than thinking they're breaking into a car that might be being tracked by GPS, or worse, a car that could be an undercover police ride.

You can find LED anti-theft warning lights with a simple Google search, like this PerfecTech light we found going for around $10.

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