Car Shopping: 4 Things You Need to Find True Love in a New Car

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 3:18 PM, Sep 6, 2017 Updated: 9:40 AM, Aug 6, 2018

Aside from your relationship with your significant other, and not counting your relationship with your parents, the longest relationship you’ll probably have is with your car. But if it’s time for you and your current car bae to part ways, Jimmy Rhoades is giving you the helpful, car-break-up advice you need to get back out there, with some extra help from Edmunds Consumer Advice Editor, Matt Jones.

1. Know Your Type

You’ve changed since the last long term car relationship you were in, which means your car needs might have changed too. Re-assess what you need from a new ride and keep that in mind before thinking you need more of the same. You and your old car have outgrown each other – so get a car that will understand the new you.

2. Have a Wingman

When you’re out at the bars or scoping hotties at your wine-and-paint class, having someone with you to keep you looking for the right person is crucial to hook-up success; and the same goes for buying a new car.

Having a friend with you while you look for a new ride can help you keep your eyes on the prize. If you get swept up in the look of a car that might not be what you need or is more expensive than you’re willing to admit, your wingman can step in and save you from yourself.

3. Know Yourself

Remember to think about how committed to that car you really want to be. Do you want the newest technology and biggest engines all the time or do you just want to try those features out? Don’t force yourself into a new long-term car-lationship if you aren’t ready for it.

There are quite a few options out there for getting a car you love, without signing up for more than you intend to, which could save you lots of money and hassle down the line.

4. Try It Out, Before Rolling Out

Don’t be tempted to see a car you like and think, “That’s the one for me,” without doing some research. It’s easy to get swept up in the moment with a new car that seems perfect, but you wouldn’t marry someone after one date, so get to know the ride you think you like.

Research it online, see what different amounts the car has gone for. Do as much “dating” of the car as you can before taking it home to Mom…or whomever…

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