4 Tips to Getting Fit with Bubble Soccer

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Posted: 7:17 PM, Dec 12, 2017

Looking for a new, fun way to get fit when 2018 rolls around? Try your hand at Bubble Soccer! The bouncin', bumpin', crazy-fun sport was invented in 2011 and has been taking over park fields ever since. In today's Fit List, Physical Activity Expert, Dave Patania, is breaking the sport down, and showing you how to get fit and kickin' on a Bubble Soccer field near you.

1. Learn How to Play on a New Field

The thing about Bubble Soccer is it takes your body out of its element – which puts it in a great position to strengthen those muscles you've forgotten you have and helps it learn a few new moves.

2. Don't Forget to Pace Yourself

Once you put on your bubble, you might find yourself feeling a little funny. Running sure is a lot easier when you aren't encased in a giant, plastic ball. So, if you do want to start getting fit with Bubble Soccer, don't forget to take it slow at first, and go full speed in short spurts, so you don't burn out before getting a chance to score.

3. Smashy, Smashy

If you've watched hockey games and wanted to know what it's like to check someone against the boards, Bubble Soccer can help you cure that curiosity. Since everyone's encased in a bubble of security, the game encourages bumper cars style behavior when it comes to getting the ball and getting it to the goal.

4. Learn How to Bounce Back

If you do get smashed on the playing field, don't worry – so does everyone! It's a huge part of the game, but even more importantly, learning how to get back up is a big part of the game too. As you start to play more often and your body gets more accustomed to working the muscles you need to succeed, you'll figure out the best way to stay on your feet. But, until then, don't feel bad about hitting the ground a few times. It's all part of the fun.

Tired of reading about it and want to get to playing already? Click here to find a Bubble Soccer league near you!

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