4 tips to help you crack your pet’s funny behaviors

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By: Donna Ruko Posted: 3:14 PM, Jun 10, 2017

Here in the US, we love our pets and we show it in lots of ways, from baking homemade treats for them to spending $70 billion a year on taking care of them. But one of the best ways you can show how you love your pet is understanding how they communicate with you. The better your pet feels you understand them, the more comfortable and loving they'll be. To help you and your pet get on the same page, Donna Ruko has 4 tips on how to read your pet's behavior and become the next Dr. Dolittle.

1. Guilty-ish

Dogs: Some people think that after their pup does something wrong, they show that they feel guilty or that they're sorry by slinking their bodies downward or hanging their head. But actually, dogs are just showing you an appeasing, submissive behavior to get you to stop using your "This dog is in trouble" voice.

Cats: Cats, however, are not interested in trying to get you to keep your lecture short; they'd rather hide from getting any lectures at all. When in trouble with you, cats make themselves scarce or start grooming themselves to calm their kitty nerves.

2. Sniff 'n' See

Dogs: Canines can be more engaged by visual stimuli so they know you by your shape and silhouette. As a matter of fact, your pup could identify you from almost a mile away, as long as you helped it out by waving your arms. Good dog!

Cats: Felines recognize their friends and surroundings by scent. When your cat rubs against things in your home, its leaving its scent on them so it can find its way around and tell other creatures they're in its territory. When Kitty rubs against you though, it's letting you know it thinks you're pretty great.

3. Pet Talk

Dogs: Dogs won't necessarily do a lot of talking to get your attention. They tend to communicate their needs to you with taps of their paws, glances at the treat closet, and intense telepathic communication powered by their puppy dog stares: "Give me the treats from the treat cabinet…you know you want to…"

Cats: Cats originally didn't do a lot of mewing and chatting. Eventually, they adapted to humans' verbal style and created a kind of cat language that they only use when communicating with people.

4. Givin' Sugar

Dogs: Dogs tend to be more tactile and want to be all up in your business when they want to show love. Their love language is trust – trusting you to pet them just right, sleep next to them, or even put a lame t-shirt on them for a funny picture.

Cats: Cats' way of showing love can sometimes seem cold but their intention is to be kind of complimentary. When a cat doesn't need to be around you all the time, it's is typically because it trusts you so much, it doesn't need to keep an eye on you. But sometimes your cat might anyway, just to make sure you're filling its food bowl…

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