4 tips to keep you sane at the open space office

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 6:56 PM, Jul 17, 2017

Right now, you might be part of the 70% of American employees reading articles online in an open plan office space. While all the extra air in your office might be appreciated, it can be hard to balance your work day around other people talking, competing for conference rooms, and trying not to catch the colds flying around. If you need help finding peace in your open air space, Jimmy Rhoades has 4 tips to help you get to work.

1. Block Out Distractions

Find a way to help focus your attention and do better work, even when there's lots going on around you. You can use noise cancelling headphones, listen to music, or take a break and walk around your building to escape from particularly distracting conversations.

2. Match Tasks to Spaces

Do certain tasks in certain places to help you get more done. You could find a particular room in your building to make phone calls or do research at a certain computer. This keeps you from getting distracted by coworkers while accomplishing these tasks; and it also lets your coworkers can work their way without frustrating you.

3. Flex That Time

If your workplace allows it, don't be afraid to ask if you can sometimes work in a different environment periodically. If your office can become a bit hectic, especially on days when you need to do a lot of private work or thinking, it might be best for you to do that work at home or at a coffee shop. You might find that you're more productive on days when you don't have to compete for quiet in the office.

4. Collaborate on Office Rules

Figure out how you and your coworkers can best communicate their needs during the day. Feel free to come up with a sign or signal to show coworkers you can't talk and another one for when you can. Or set up a designated space for everyone where it's known that sitting there means you aren't available.

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