4 tips to make money writing online reviews

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 2:32 PM, Mar 21, 2017

Over 90 percent of consumers read online reviews and 80 percent trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Some sites will even pay for your opinion! So you want to write useful reviews that will get viewed and voted up by other users. Jimmy Rhoades spoke with Yelp’s Brittany Smith to get valuable tips on how to write great online reviews. Because while they never pay for ratings, nobody knows reviews better than Yelp.

1.  Provide Context: Who Are You

Truly painting a picture of what kind of consumer you are, so that people know, "Hey, you're a vegetarian? I'm a vegetarian! We can trust each others opinions. That really helps consumers relate to you, and trust your reviews.

2.  Deep Dive with Details

Not just saying that the food is good, actually saying, like, what kind of ingredients are used? How was the customer service? What is the atmosphere like? Really painting a vivid picture is key.

3.  Include Pictures

People actually want to see the food or whatever the business has to offer. It's not just about the words — it's about putting it all together in one full package. And for the sites that support it, video is great. Just keep it short and sweet.

4.  Review Your Reviews

If you have a new insight like updating a business' hours or discovering a new product feature — update your review so its remains relevant and useful –making sure that items are always up-to-date and as fresh as possible.

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