4 Tips to Shop Like a Pro This Holiday Season

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 9:47 PM, Nov 20, 2017

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Black November, Thanksgiving day, when is the best time to buy? Jared Cotter is talking with consumer protection reporter Lisa Lee Freeman. She's sharing four holiday shopping secrets that will clear up the confusion.

1.  Toys

The best time to buy those hot holidays toys is right now. Discounts on those items won't last and they will also sell out fast.

2.  Electronics

A lot of the retailers will be flooding the market with cheap electronics on Black Friday so buyer beware. Do your research and make a list of specific models you're interested in.

3.  Clothing

The best time to buy clothes is as late as possible. If you can wait until after Christmas you'll see some huge deals.

4.  Jewelry

There are going to be sales, but you're not going to see the best prices of the year this holiday rush. If you decide to buy something sparkly, try and talk down the price because the markups are huge on jewelry.

Special thanks to Consumer Protection Reporter, Lisa Lee Freeman. Follow her advice every day, Insta: @lisaleefree


Two Bonus Holiday Shopping Secrets from Lisa Lee Freeman!


1.  Tip: Finish Your holiday shopping on Free Shipping Day!


December 15th, hundreds of online retailers are offering free shipping with no minimum purchase and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve! Retailers will also sweeten the deal with one-day only Free Shipping Day sales. Go to FreeShippingDay.comfor details.


2.  Tip: Wait Until After the Holidays to Do Shopping For Yourself!


After Christmas sales are going to be huge for items like clothing, home goods, and furniture in the month of January. And if you can wait on electronics, like high-end TV's, February is your best-buy month. Thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), stores will be stocking up on the latest model of your favorite high-end brand and last year's model will gave clearance pricing.

Share your holiday shopping secrets with us!