4 toys fetching summer fun for you and your pets

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Todd Covelli | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:55 PM, Jul 18, 2017

If you think your furry best friend has everything it could possibly need for summer fun, think again. Your pet can do more than just lounge on their bed with a couple of toys. Soak up the sun and adventure with your pet all summer long with these 3 first world pet products that make going outside (or looking outside from the living room window) a bark in the park.

1. The Bubbletastic-Bacon Bubble Blower

Aside from being a wicked tongue twister, this toy will also make your dog's tongue drool. This backyard ball of fun features bubbles and soap that smell like bacon. Bacon! You might not be able to share your bacon burgers with your pup, but you can help him/her dream about them for around $38 bucks. We're all just chasing bacon, one way or another after all.

2. The EZ Mount Window Bed

For pets that like to do more sunning than backyard boogieing, get this bed that attaches securely to a window and gives your pet a warm, sunny spot all their own. The bed holds up to 60 pounds (so, no, you can't join them) and accommodates any pet looking for a view…or to spy into your neighbors' yards. Grab this pet hammock, or kinds in different styles, on Chewy.com for about $35.

3. Pup-Brella

Sometimes summer adventures bring unexpected drizzle but you and your pup can be prepared with this umbrella that attaches to your pup's leash. You might be thinking this seems silly and First-World, but I will admit to tying a shirt on my pup, holding an umbrella over him, anything to keep him dry on a rainy walk; so my wallet is out for this product which goes for around $15.

4. Music for Cats

After researching what sounds help calm cats, one composer decided to take his findings and make calming music for cats. These tunes mimic sounds that make cats happy and relaxed. And it actually sounds pretty calming for humans too. Beat the heat and relax with your kitty in some AC and with some sweet tunes: the Music for Cats' albums go for around $15.

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