4 Ways to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Todd Covelli Posted: 5:43 PM, Jun 24, 2016

We all know it’s important to protect our eyes from UV damage and glare by wearing sunglasses, but, do you have the right frame shape for your face type? From Aviators to Cat Eyes, Bradley Hasemeyer and Sunglass Hut’s Social Media Ambassador, Allysa Larson, have four basic face types that will help you pick out the perfect shades for your face.

1.  You Can Be Hip and Square

A square face type is going to be defined as having a broad brow and a strong jawline, so you want to find something that is angular and will balance, and soften your features. Like an aviator, cat eye or butterfly shape. You do want to stay away from anything that's rectangular or square, those will exaggerate your already strong features.

2.  Look Lovely with a Heart Shaped Face

The heart faced shape is when your brow is a little broader than your delicate jawline. Anything like the butterfly, a cat eye is really great. You want to stay away from anything that's going to sit too heavy on your nose bridge.

3.  The Round Face

If you have a round face type, you're going to want to look for something that's more square or rectangular. If you find frames that are black or tortoise, that will help take away from the fullness of your face. You want to stay away from anything that's too oval, because that will fill out your face even more.

4.  Everything Works with Oval

If you have an oval face, you've hit the jackpot because you can pretty much wear any style. Try large, oversize and dramatic frames!

Framing up your face with the right pair of shades, so you can look fabulous (and stay protected) this summer!

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