4 Ways to Live Your Wildest LEGO Home Dreams

Let's admit it: We've all had dreams of what it'd be like to live in a LEGO playset at least once in our lives – between the pre-furnished homes and having just one outfit to clean, the living has got to be easy. Well, now your LEGO bricks dreams can come true. We've found 4 ways you can live in a home made of LEGO bricks, and you don't need to made out of bricks to do it.

1. Lego House Vacation

Most of the year, the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark is home to the head office of the LEGO Group. But this November, you can make the architectural marvel your home for a night, thanks to Airbnb's monthly Night At contest! All you've got to do for a chance to win is answer this question: "If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?" If Airbnb and LEGO like your dream creation, you'll get flown out for a night at the house!

During your Nov. 24th-25th stay, you'll tour the facility, made of 25 million LEGO bricks. On the tour, you'll explore LEGO creations from around the world, direct your own LEGO movie, and build wonderlands of your own! Afterwards, you'll relax on crazy LEGO bricks furniture, use quirky home appliances, also made with LEGO bricks; then you can dream of LEGO beneath a 19 ft. brick waterfall, while curled up with a sweet, cat – also made out of bricks. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 17th, so enter to win here and get ready to live out your childhood LEGO dreams.

2. EverBlocks Home Furnishings

Need a new end table for your living room, or maybe more sitting space in the den? Don't spend extra on fancy new furniture – make it yourself with EverBlock! These blocks help you build anything for your home you can dream of, from kitchen islands to cubbies and shelves, all by stacking and organizing the blocks in any way you choose.

And if you get tired of something you've built, just take it apart and build it again – no fuss or mess! You can pick up a pack of blocks and let your creativity run wild, or you can grab furniture kits that come with everything you need to build your dream bed, bars, desk – anything! – without any of the hassle!

3. A Pop Here or There

Not sure you want to be fully surrounded by LEGO bricks, but wouldn't mind having a few reminders of the childhood favorite around? Think about putting small pops of LEGO-ness around your home. There are lots of small LEGO brick home accessories out there that simple enough to make yourself, like this video showcasing a smart way to keep track of your keys, or this super fun LEGO kitchen utensil holder.

One of my favorites, and still super simple, if you've got a basic glass-top coffee table that you're looking to replace – don't! Just add some LEGO bricks under the glass for an eye-catching change and a big pop of color.

4. Build-A-House

If you've got about a month, a few hundred friends, and 3 million LEGO pieces, you don't have to wait for a contest – you can build your own LEGO house to sleep in! James May, host of the popular British TV show, Top Gear, once built a house completely out of LEGOS that stood 20 feet tall, featuring full LEGO amenities, including a LEGO sink with working water taps, a LEGO bed with pillows (and cozy LEGO slippers); he even left room for beautiful multi-colored (LEGO brick) windows.

Unfortunately, since the home was built on a wine estate, the vineyard eventually needed the land back and the LEGO home came tumbling down, soon after it went up. But that just means there's room out there for another giant LEGO house to be made – and you can be the one to do it!

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