4 Ways to Make Your Call Center Experience Great

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:09 PM, Oct 18, 2017

Calling customer service ranks right up there with getting a colonoscopy. Sometimes you just got to do it and sedation helps. Jimmy Rhoades dialed up some ways to take the toil out of toll free calls with the help of McIntosh & Associates’ Mandy Harshman.

1.  Prepare for the Call

Companies are trying to really integrate all their channels to pick up where you left off online so that you don't have to repeat a lot of information. That means quicker service. Other preparations: have your account number, your PIN, and know exactly what you want to accomplish on the call.

2.  Be Nice!

Call center workers get screamed at by strangers all day. Stand out by being nice. Besides, it's faster. By keeping it factual you're not going to waste time trying to go into hostility diffusion.

3.  Time of Day Matters

The person who's been on the phones for ten years and knows all the answers to all the questions is going to have tenure in that call center. Daytime reps are also more likely to be on-site at the company. The chances of getting someone in an offshore location would be greater during the evening hours. If you get a rep that you simply can't understand, be nice and ask for a supervisor. They're sometimes located on-shore, even after hours.

4.  Use Online Cheat Sheets

The similarly-named websites and apps "GetHuman" and "Get2Human" have crowdsourced the fastest way to get to an actual human being for a whole raft of companies. Sometimes it's hitting zero a bunch of times.

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