4 Ways To Shop Your Social Feed Safely

Deals The List
By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:36 PM, Dec 19, 2017

If you still haven't finished your holiday gift shopping, you're officially running out of time. So it is time to put down that smartphone or tablet, and back away from that computer so you can head to the mall? Not so fast, turns out scrolling your news feeds might be the best way to finish that list.

1. Have A Friend In The Business

Hitting a thumbs up or following an actual retail brand makes sure that you don't miss a special, magic moment. Say they're offering no shipping fees for a weekend, which a lot of businesses are, or they have special coupon deal just for you.

2. Ads Can Work For You

Yes, really! If you click "manage your ad presences" you'll see behind the magic curtain to the audiences that you're a part of and what really influences which ads Facebook serves up to you.

3. Know What They Want

Instagram can help you with this, there is a "shop now" option within posts where you can go and buy the product or see which friends and family have liked to ad. It can help prevent playing the guessing game with the hard to please people.

4. Master The Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace actually has some great finds and it is an easier way to shop locally. You can choose the distance from five miles away to 100. And if your wallet is looking pretty light, you can start selling some of your older things to make some extra cash.

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