420 Day: Which Marijuana Edible to Eat Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Todd Covelli | Bradley Hasemeyer | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:56 PM, Apr 18, 2018

According to astrology, the planets and stars influence what we like – even when it comes to edibles. These cannabis-infused goodies include everything from cookies to beef jerky. But which marijuana munchie do you match? We spoke with astrologer Jim Ventura who, who revealed which edible flavor you’d savor based on your zodiac sign.


1. Virgo – Gummy Bears

Neat, well contained, and efficient, practical Virgo could be happy with this approach. 


2. Leo – Orange Cream Popsicle

This treat is potentially messy, but it’s also bright, colorful, flavorful, and noticeable. This edible matches Leo’s "showy" and fun personality.


3. Taurus – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a traditional favorite that is hard to resist, and could be a favorite for signs like Taurus.


4. Pisces – Quinoa Granola Bite

Somewhat healthy, and truly a bit of a contradiction at the same time might tempt Pisces.


5. Sagittarius – Pot Potato Chips

An indulgent bag of chips and salt, with an added “perk”, could be for Sagittarius.


6. Aries – Lollipops

Consuming lollipops requires use of the mouth, and takes a bit longer to get through. This sweet confection might be a favorite for Aries.


7. Scorpio – Rock Candy

This is sweet, clear candy that you can see through, and reflects the light. Rock candy might get the multilayered Scorpio interested.


8. Capricorn – Beef Jerky

This cured, dried, salty meat could well be a favorite of grounded, practical Capricorn. 


9. Cancer – Ice Cream

Ice cream is indulgent, cold, creamy, and comes in many different flavors to choose from. This could act as a real appeal for Cancer


10. Gemini – Rice Krispies Treats

Pulling together a number of ingredients in a unique way, this is a reasonably logical choice for mutable Gemini.


11. Aquarius – Macaroons

A light baked confection would be a nice treat for Aquarius.


12. Libra – Milk Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bars are wrapped neatly, making them efficient yet still sweet. We can see Libra going for this type of edible.


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