5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Babies

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By: Donna Ruko | Meredith Witthar | Dave Hanson Posted: 4:15 PM, Aug 25, 2016

Babies are adorable, but they just eat, sleep, cry, and fill diapers, right? Not at all! These little bundles of joy actually have way more going on in their cute little heads. Get ready for some baby knowledge that will give you an even deeper appreciation for the miracle that is life. Donna Ruko has five awesome things you didn't know about babies.

1.  Big Eyes

Their eyes are 75% their adult size at birth. Those peepers are gigantic!  Newborns are very nearsighted, about 20/400, but by six months they are 20/20.   When a newborn cries it's just about the noise because they don't produce tears until they're at least 3 weeks old.

2. High Pitch

Babies prefer female voices, and subconsciously adults adapt. That's why people talk in high-pitched tones when they're around babies. It's because those tiny humans are controlling their minds!

3.  More Talk

if you talk to a baby a lot, it'll make them grow up to have higher IQ.'s and better vocabularies. They even learn by hearing you talk to someone else, so don't feel bad about chatting on the phone while your little one plays on the floor.

4.  True Love

For a lot of moms, the biggest shock of new parenthood was the instant love they felt the first time they held their baby. On the other hand, for 11 % the biggest surprise was that they didn't fall in love instantly. For some people, it happens gradually.

5.  Baby Mustache

When a fetus is about four months into pregnancy it grows a mustache that, over the course of a month, spreads over its entire body. This hair is called lanugo and generally it all falls out before birth, and it's even eaten by the baby!

That's five awesome things you didn't know about the little miracles we call babies.

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