5 Crazy-Cool Pet-Mansions Across America

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 6:33 PM, Sep 22, 2017

Most of us would love to live in a mansion and of course we would bring our furry friends, but some people are taking it a step further by giving their pets mansions. Kristina Guerrero is looking at crazy-cool pet houses across America.

1.  Dog Mansion

Paris Hilton just posted pictures on Twitter of her dog's mansion in Los Angeles, California. That's right… Her dogs! The mansion is two stories complete with a balcony, hot pink walls and air conditioning.

2.  Cat Mansion

In Goleta, California Peter Cohen redesigned his house just for his rescue cats. The cat mansion includes a koi pond, a bunch of play areas and even their version of TV.

3.  Fish Mansion

This house in Chicago, Illinois gives new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. The tank was custom made by Tank It Easy and is suspended above an indoor pool so the spoiled fish have a full view.

4.  Chicken Mansion

In Savannah, Georgia celebrity chef Paula Deen has crafted quite the casa for her chickens. They live on the grounds of Paula's 14,000 square-foot mansion. And no they aren't going to become dinner anytime soon.

5.  Horse Mansion

The final stop on our mansion tour is Wellington, Florida where you'll find the largest horse barn in the United States. The Boojy Barn is 78,000 square-feet with 130 stalls. It even has an entertaining area for these pampered ponies.

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