5 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Meredith Witthar Posted: 9:45 PM, Jul 13, 2016

July is National Ice Cream Month and did you know that 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time? Bradley Hasemeyer has five other things you didn't know about the sweetest treat of all, ICE CREAM!

1.  Holy Cow

Since it takes 3 gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream, and a cow gives an average of 6 gallons of milk a day,  that means the average cow gives us about 2 gallons of ice cream a day, or 730 gallons a year.

2.  Extreme Ice Cream

I scream, and you scream, and some people go to extreme when it comes to ice cream A guy balanced 109 scoops on a cone. This World Record 9 foot tall ice cream cone is just crazy, but not as cool as the half-mile long ice cream dessert that was made in Michigan just last month.

3.  That’s Cool

Brain freeze occurs when ice cream touches the roof of your mouth and causes an immediate constriction of blood vessels. The best way to cure it is to press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to warm it… Or try laughing it off.

4.  Sharing is Caring

1 in 10 people admit to licking their ice cream bowl clean and 1 in 5 people admit to sharing their ice cream with their pet.

5.  Crazy Flavors

The days of vanilla or chocolate are gone. Portland Oregon based Salt & Straw offers selections like bone marrow with bourbon smoked cherries, California avocado and cardamom with fermented carrot custard, and sea urchin meringue.

Two scoops and five things you didn't know about ice cream!

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