5 Drinking Games Making Holiday Movies Bearable

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 10:23 PM, Dec 14, 2017

Let's all just admit it: Holiday movies can be pretty cheesy. Between their over-the-top romances, the mistletoe kisses, and the perfectly timed falling of snowflakes, the genre of holiday time films can be a little much. But that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy them – with a little help.

Last year, Brittany Graves decided she'd make it through the season of ridiculous Christmas movies by creating her own drinking game – and people loved it. So, whether you need a boozy boost to find the cheer to make it through this season of holiday films – or, if you love them already and just want to make those cheery feelings they bring you even merrier – we went searching to find 4 more games you can play with your drinks to make the Christmas movie season your new favorite part of the holidays.

1. The Lifetime Drinking Game

If Hallmark is the king of cheesy Christmas movies, the Lifetime is its queen. That's why comedian Cassie Belek did her due diligence to made this on-point list of drinking game rules for all your favorite Lifetime Christmas flicks.

In it, she covers every holiday trope in the book: the too-career-oriented woman, the holiday-themed character names…she's even got a drink rule for when a dog saves the day! And we've all seen that moment. We get it, holiday movies: Golden Retrievers are the best dogs for Christmastime proposals.

2. The Big Dumb Holiday Movie Drinking Game

Film School Rejects writer Meg Shields gets how you feel about those silly holiday films, so she created this drinking game that covers everything from turtlenecks, to turkey, even to those perfectly timed snowflakes I mentioned earlier.

I mean, can you imagine the chaos that would come from snow falling every time someone learned a lesson? Streets would close! Schools would never be in session! I would purposely stop learning lessons, all holiday season, just to make sure I could walk my dog without having to shovel 3 feet of snow first…

3. Christmas Movie Bingo – with Drinks!

If you love Bingo – and you love to drink – combine those two loves with this adorable Christmas Movie Bingo game! As you mark your board with holiday movie happenings, take a drink each time you check something off. If you get a Bingo by marking off a whole row, finish your drink!

And if your favorite (or most eye-roll inducing) holiday moments aren't on this board, you can add them in by making your own, here!

4. The Santa Hat Drinking Game

This hilarious holiday drinking game makes for entertaining – and easy! – drinking fun. You don't even need a holiday movie to do it! The idea of this game is that you put a Santa hat on one of the top corners of your TV. As you watch your favorite show or movie, holiday or otherwise, any time the hat looks like it's on a character's head – making it look like they're purposely wearing it – you drink!

If a scene comes up where a character is on screen for a while with the hat "on", chug-a-lug until they show someone new. And if the hat really fits the way it would on Santa, covering their whole head, finish your drink!

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