5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Holiday Chalkboard

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 5:39 PM, Nov 22, 2016

Thanksgiving is almost here and we all have our signature dish, but mastering a whole menu is tough. Lindsey Granger got some tips from the stars of the new fyi series Downtown Shabby on how to take your menu to a new level with a DIY chalkboard.

1.  Cut the Plywood

Cutting down the actual backing for the chalkboard out of that pressure treated plywood. This one is about 6 foot by 2 foot.

2.  Prime & Paint

Just like you're painting any wall in a home you’re going to want to prime it first. This will help with the amount of coats of chalkboard paint because at minimum it normally needs 2-3 coats anyway.

3.  Cut Wood at 45 Degree Angle

You can square off the ends if you're decent with a miter saw. This will give it a little more of a higher end look.

4.  Nail the trim to the Board

Make sure you use the right depth of nails so it doesn't poke through the other side.

5.  Caulk the Seams

Any time water gets behind wood it seems to expand and contract so caulk the seams to add a few more years to your chalkboard.

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