5 foods that are the reason you’re feeling bummed out

We all know foods rich in salt, sugar and fat can expand your waistline, but did you know they can also negatively affect your mood? If you're feeling grumpier than usual, Jared Cotter's got the 5 sneaky snacks you need to avoid if you want to keep away a case of the grumps.

1. Bagels

One bagel is nutritionally equal to about 4-6 slices of bread. All that energy might be helpful if you're running a marathon, but if you aren't, your blood sugar can spike and then tank – leaving you with the tired, agitated feeling you might associate with a sugar crash.

If you want to have your bagel and eat it to, try eating only half of one and balancing out the carbs with a lot of protein.

2. Processed Deli Meat

While they're temptingly easy to grab, pre-packaged, processed meats like bologna and turkey are loaded with nitrates and preservative that suck energy out of your body, putting you on the mood swings.

Avoid future emotional meat meltdowns by making sure you grab nitrate-free or organic deli meats instead of the overly-processed stuff.

3. Canned Foods

Just like deli meats, canned foods can be heavily processed to make sure they last on the shelf. Not to mention that some cans still contain the lining BPA, which can get into the can's contents and drain energy from you when you eat them.

Try to buy the fresh versions of what you grab in a can, and fun fact, frozen fruits/vegetables keep all of their nutrients – so if you want to buy produce that will last you a while, take a look in your grocer's freezer aisle instead of the canned goods aisle.

4. Dried Fruit

You might have thought you were snacking healthily, but dry fruit is just a lot of sugar. And since they're more dense in calories, you'll tend to eat more of them, leading to a sugar crash that will crash your mood.

Instead of eating large quantities of the treats by themselves, pair them with some nuts in a homemade trail mix. This gives you a mix of carbohydrates and protein, filling you up, and keeping you from crashing later.

5. Cocktail Mixers

Mixers tend to be loaded with sugar and, after a night of throwing sweet drinks back, you might find yourself with a hangover and a cloud hanging over your head.

Avoid booze-related sugar rushes by going for lighter alcoholic beverages like wine or light beers, or making cocktails that aren't too heavy on sweet syrups or juices.

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