5 four-legged college sports mascots we love

With March Madness in full swing, school spirit is on the rise. Colleges and universities have some of the coolest and weirdest mascots, but do you know which schools have the cutest? Several schools have been using dogs as their live mascots at games since Yale first adopted theirs in 1889. Check out 5 other big dogs on campus that root for their teams with wags of their tails.

1. Handsome Dan, Yale

The very first mascot at any college in the US is also the first on our list. Handsome Dan is Yale University's mascot and has been for a real long time. In 1889, a Yale football player named Andrew B. Graves purchased the first Handsome Dan from a blacksmith for $5, but back then, he was just called Dan. Yale men loved the big, white dog and eventually, he was trotting around the field before football and baseball games. When Graves graduated, Dan stayed at Yale and he was dubbed "Handsome Dan". When the very first Dan passed away, he was stuffed and put in his sealed glass case in the Trophy Room of the Payne-Whitney Gymnasium...they loved him a lot. Now, Yale's on Handsome Dan the XVIII, a puppy who was born in September of 2016!

2. Zeke the Wonder Dog, Michigan State University

Michigan State's mascot Zeke has been wowing and hyping fans at Spartan games since the 1970s. When officials at the MSU Athletic Department noticed junior Gary Eisenberg and his yellow Lab Zeke competing in the disc-catching championships, they knew they needed that wonder dog to perform during a Spartan football game. In 1977, the pair had their first performance and it became a tradition ever since. Zeke even earned a football letter in 1978, becoming the first non-human to earn a letter at the school, thanks to the head football coach thinking Zeke was the best receiver in the Big Ten. MSU debuted Zeke IV, formerly known as Ranger, as the new live mascot in December of 2016.

3. Vic and Tory, Eastern New Mexico University