5 fun things you didn’t know about Dirty Dancing

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By: Meredith Witthar | Eve Whitaker Posted: 5:50 PM, Aug 8, 2017

For a girl back in 1987, seeing the movie Dirty Dancing for the first time was the time of her life. She fell in love with Johnny Castle and wanted to be strong just like Baby. It's hard to believe that this romantic classic starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey is almost thirty years old now. To celebrate Kristina Guerrero has five fun facts about Dirty Dancing.

1.  No to Dirty Dancing 2

Patrick Swayze was offered 6 million dollars, roughly one dollar per smoldering pout, to reprise his role as Johnny for a dirty dancing two. Swayze wasn't a fan of sequels and turned it down.

2.  The Famous Line

No judgment, but another thing Swayze tried to nix — the classic line “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” He put up a fight to have the line cut, but later realized how well it worked.

3. Almost Never Was

The test screenings were so bad that the studio considered sending the movie straight to video. Consulting producer Aaron Russo was convinced it was going to flop and reportedly said: "burn the negatives, collect the insurance." Not so fast — the film, which cost $6 million to make, earned 214 million — which is over 450 million in today's dollars.

4.  Making Baby

The part of Frances "Baby" Houseman was written for a 16 year old. When 26 year old Jennifer Gray was auditioning for the part, the producers gave her exactly five minutes to convince them she could play a high schooler. Obviously she nailed it!

5.  Hit Songs

You may know Patrick Swayze co-wrote and performed she's like the wind…. You probably didn't know that Jane Brucker who played Baby's sister, co-wrote "Hula Hana."

"Yes I swear it's the truth" that is five things "that you never knew like this before" about Dirty Dancing.

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