5 Fun Ways to Upgrade Your Kid’s Lunchbox

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By: Jaime Purvis Posted: 8:12 PM, Aug 12, 2016

It's back-to-school season, so we're giving you five ways to turn your kid's lunchbox from drab to fab!

1. The LEGO Lunchbox

Simply glue a LEGO building plate to the inside of a tin lunchbox lid. Pack a few LEGO blocks in a plastic container so the kids can play on their lunch break.

2. Lunchable Jars

All you need for this DIY is a mason jar and an empty apple sauce container. Fill the mason jar with cheese and lunch meat. Then fill the apple sauce container with crackers. Place the metal lid on top and flip the apple sauce container on top and upside-down. Screw on the lid lock and you have a complete lunch in a compact unit. 

3. Chalkboard Lunchbox

Send your kid to school with a lunchbox that comes with a personal note inside. All you do is paint the inside lid of a tin lunchbox with chalkboard paint. You can find this at any home improvement store or online. Let it dry and write a special note with chalk. 

4. Brown Paper Baskets

All you need is a brown bag, red yarn, scissors and a hole puncher. First, fold over the top of your lunch bag about two inches. Then, punch a hole at each of the four top corners about one inch away from the edge. Pull the string through one of the holes, down and around the bottom, back up through the top hole on the same side. Then switch over to the other side with the same piece of string, making a handle and repeat (the picture below should help). Tie off the string and you’ve got a paper basket! 

5. Brown Bags with Clip-On Utensils

This DIY is simple, all you need are clothes pins and plastic utensils. Just glue the clothes pin to the back of your utensil and you have a clip to hold your brown bag together. Feel free to decorate the bag too!

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