5 Jaw-Dropping Dwellings Around the World

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By: Jaime Purvis | Dave Taylor Posted: 4:05 PM, Oct 3, 2016

A person makes a house a home no matter what that house may be. CNN's Great Big Story has featured unique homes and have created a video of their five favorite jaw-dropping dwellings. Check these fun homes out below:

Here's a closer look at the homes:

1. The airplane in the woods

Bruce Campbell lives in an airplane in the woods. His amenities are simple: he uses the two original restrooms, a small shower and sleeps on a futon. 

2. Floating home in Canada

Catherine and Wayne live in a secluded cove that you can only get to by boat. They built their home without the use of power tools and it's tied off to shore (not anchored). 

3. Underground town in Australia

Andy lives in one of the 1,000 plus underground dwellings in Coober Pedy, Australia. It's 122 degrees above ground, 72 degrees below without air conditioning. 

4. Retirement Dorm in Cleveland 

Tiffany is a student and pays rent by playing music for the residents at the retirement home she lives in. Her roommate Laura is also her best friend. 

5. Making a house a home in Detroit

Danyle recently left a shelter to move into a new house with her kids, but her new place was completely empty. Kristen, a designer at Humble Design, designs and donates furniture to people that are transitioning out of a shelter. The two worked together to create a home for Danyle and her three kids. 

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