5 Most Innovative Print Ads Ever – From Genius to Just Plain Weird!

By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:30 PM, Apr 13, 2018

Remember magazines? For you millennials, think of them as iPads – except they're paper with words and pictures printed on them. Although we live in a digital age, print publications are still very relevant – and companies spend hundreds of million dollars each year on magazine ads. They also keep getting more elaborate, interactive, and just plain fun! Read on for five of the coolest pop-up print ads out there.


1. L.L. Bean

Let’s start our list with a newspaper ad! Remember L.L. Bean's "Get Outside" spot that ran add in the New York Times? To refresh your memory, the outdoor gear company encouraged readers of the newspaper to get a little more sunshine. In order to read the ad, you had to take the it outside and expose it to UV light! Pretty nifty, huh?


2. Nivea

At number two, Nivea runs ads each year focused on protecting you and your kids from too much sunshine. Recently, the skincare brand took protection a step further by designing a "child locator" band that worked with an app to alert parents when their little ones wander off too far.


3. Toyota

Next up, back in the winter, Toyota had readers flipping over its new compact car. The ad was done "flipbook style", and animated the little car over 30 pages in Fader magazine.


4. Ikea

Coming in at number four is Ikea, which kicked off the year with an ad that encouraged you to…well, pee on it. This was for a crib, and if the person peeing was expecting, a discount code was revealed. That’s right – it worked just like a pregnancy test! While this ran in the Swedish magazine Amelia, the whole world was talking about it, with many ad insiders lauding it as a "viral print ad".


5. Old Spice

Finally, Old Spice is no stranger to over-the-top marketing. And now, the men's personal care brand is making a splash with a one-of-a-kind ad in GQ magazine. Ad agency Wieden and Kennedy says that with this blazer, "everyone can live the luxurious life of the Old Spice captain.” Ahoy!


Yes, magazine and newspaper ads still exist! And as you can see, advertisers are finding unique and innovative ways to keep the medium alive.


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