5 Must-Know Rules of Movie Theater Etiquette

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By: Lindsey Granger | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:40 PM, Dec 21, 2017

The only thing worse than sticky floors and bed bugs at the movies is rudeness! That’s why we sat down with etiquette expert Miss Lora, who offered five movie manners you should master before your next trip to the theater.

1. Eating Food – Keep It Simple!

Just because Beyoncé keeps hot sauce in her bag doesn’t mean you should, too. We’re all guilty of smuggling munchies to the movies, but if you’re going to do it, keep your snacks small and contained. This means no three course meals, nothing odorous (leave your fish sticks at home!), and always remember to clean up after yourself. Now that’s advice you can sink your teeth into.

2. Phone Use – Keep It Quiet!

Only E.T. gets a pass to phone home during a movie. Don’t take a call in the middle of the movie unless you want to stoke the ire of your fellow moviegoers. If you absolutely must take a call, politely leave the theatre and return when you’re done. Otherwise, just don’t do it!

3. Seating  – Keep It Cute!

Parking your keister at the movies is all about mindful maneuvering. If someone walks through your row to return to their seat, kindly tuck in your feet to avoid trips and falls. When shuffling back to your own seat, face away from the audience to avert any awkward staredowns. What’s the biggest seating sacrilege of all? Resting your feet on the chair in front of you, duh. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, how rude!

4. Arm Rests – Keep It Communal!

No one wants to share your phone calls, but when it comes to arm rests, sharing is caring. The rule of thumb is to take one arm rest only, not both. If you need more space to hold all that popcorn, Miss Lora suggests storing extra snacks between your legs. Hey, gotta be resourceful!

5. Talking – Keep It Down!

Ssshhh! Keep chatter to a minimum, and if you can’t resist talking to your movie date, do so quietly and discretely. If you can’t keep your voice volume on low, perhaps play footsie instead.

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