5 New Fall Foods That Are So, Totally America

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 11:18 PM, Sep 25, 2017

America is a place unlike any other, from our culture, to our rituals, and especially to our food. When it comes to making the new, tasty and huge, American ingenuity knows no bounds; and the new fast foods and treats out this fall are proving it. Some look delicious, some seem a little strange, but from funky queso to meat-on-meat action, these 5 new fall foods are bound to make you say "'Merica".

1. Wienerschnitzel's Oktoberfest Gourmet Sausages

To celebrate the magic that is Oktoberfest, Wienerschnitzel is putting out two new meat marvels: quarter-pound gourmet bratwursts and Italian sausages. Your log of meat, er, brat, will come topped with the classic grilled onions and mustard; while your Italian sausage is topped with peppers, onions, and mustard – both keeping you full for probably a day and a half.

Sure, Oktoberfest is more of a German thing, but America is a melting pot, which means bringing the tastes of other countries, straight to your drive thru. You can grab Oktoberfest by the bun with one of these Wienerschnitzel specials, that is until they say, "Auf Wiedersehen" on October 29th.

2. Arby's Chicken Pepperoni Parm Sandwich

Speaking of piles of meat, Arby's is proving they still have the meats with their new Chicken Pepperoni Parm, available for a limited time. This sandwich embodies America in the best of ways – Firstly, people say things are "As American as apple pie", but is anything really more American than a chicken filet? Some of us literally grew up on chicken – and can now only make chicken for dinner as an adult.

Secondly, if there's any country that loves putting meat on meat (see bacon wrapped hot dogs, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon etc., etc.), it's America. Plus, the roasted garlic marinara, pepperoni, and mozzarella make the sandwich just one color away from looking like the American flag – maybe all it needs is a little blue cheese?

3. Burger King's Crispy Buffalo Chicken Melt

Continuing the American tradition of elevated middle school chicken patty sandwiches is Burger King's new Crispy Buffalo Chicken Melt. This limited time slice of heaven on a bun features some of American foods' favorite adjectives: "breaded", "deep-fried", and probably "Buffalo sauce". But the most inspiring thing about this sandwich?

It's use of underdog ingredients – we Americans do love a good underdog. The melt features Ken's Buffalo Sauce, (yes, there are more buffalo sauces out there than Frank's Red Hot) – plus the sandwich is made on a toasted potato bun – a bun that's not as uppity as artisan Ciabatta, but it is just as delicious, if not always modest.

4. Hostess White Fudge Ding Dongs & Peanut Butter Ho-Hos

When it comes to creating new and exciting inventions and creations, America doesn't stop at just new technologies and cell phones – everything can be made better, even Hostess snacks. Now, you can enjoy your favorite childhood treats in fancy new flavors like White Fudge Ding Dongs and new Chocolate Peanut Butter Ho Ho's.

No longer do you have to settle for tastes you want in textures you don't. America doesn't settle – it makes things bigger and better. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are great – but Reese's Cups plus Ho Hos? That's American innovation at its best.

5. Chipotle's Genuine Queso

Sure, a lot of people aren't huge fans of Chipotle's newest, cheesy endeavor, but it's the sprit of its creation that screams "American democracy!" So many people asked and begged for Chipotle queso, that it became the most requested menu item by Chipotle customers. So the company listened and took to making preservative free, no added colors or flavors, all natural queso for the masses. Power to the people!

Now, as it turns out, preservatives, additives and added colors and flavors might be what actually help make queso taste so good; so without them, Chipotle's new queso has disappointed a lot of people, but the point is we fought for it and we got it – not quite what we wanted, but we got it goshdarnit! Hey, even democracy isn't perfect.

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