5 New Smartphone Features That Will Change Your Life

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Jessica Robertson Posted: 8:54 PM, Oct 28, 2016

With Android and Apple both releasing software updates within the past couple of months, unless you've had a full day or intense training to figure it out, you're missing some of the coolest features. Bradley Hasemeyer is breaking the best ones down so you so you can easily take advantage.

1.  Drag and Drop Text on Android

In Android's latest update they introduced something called "Split Screen" and everyone was freaking out about it. What’s even cooler is the ability to drag and drop text from one app directly to another.

2.  Work on Android

Another useful feature in Nougat: Work Mode – where you can disable all your work apps with one toggle and truly unplug.

3.  Find Parked Car on iPhone

Judging from the sheer number of people wandering around parking lots, we you didn't know this is a feature on your iPhone. Go to "maps" in "settings" and turn on "show parked location" and your phone will automatically drop a pin where you've parked so you can find your way back.

4.  Messaging and Photos on iPhone

With iOS 10, the big announcements were with pictures and messaging. You can really have some fun there now. Hand write messages, swap out words with emoji’s, change message bubbles and send your music, animations or digital touch messages.

5.  Markup Feature on iPhone

Just press the details button and it shows you the people in the photo, when you took it, where it was taken, and even shows you related photos.

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