5 of the all-time goofiest (and kinda cute) mascots

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By: Jared Cotter | Meredith Witthar | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 11:16 PM, Aug 18, 2017

As colleges open their doors and kids pile into the dorms, school spirit is in full swing. But some school mascots are a lot weirder than others and Jared Cotter is taking you into the world of foam, sweat, and pep. Some of these guys are even kind of cute in their own weird, keggy, pickle-y kind of way…

1. Peter the Anteater

Representing the University of California Irvine, Peter the Anteater was inspired by BC comics. When time came for the school to pick a mascot, organizers wanted to establish traditions that were different from other schools, which meant N-O to the basic bear or tiger. Other possibilities included roadrunners, and unicorns, but Peter the Anteater came out on top.

2. The Fighting Artichoke

Packed with Vitamin B6, the Fighting Artichoke is the mascot at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. Artie was chosen as the mascot in 1970 and was actually made out of protest against the school spending money on sports instead of education.

Artie embarrassed SCC students for a few years, but eventually the mascot became a beloved part of the schools alternative culture and is still loved to this day.

3. Ed the Gorlok

To celebrate getting their first official sports program, Webster University in Missouri unleashed The Gorlok in 1984. At the time, the school only had a name for their mascot, but they left it to students to send sketches of what they think a Gorlok would look like.

While The Gorlok is a mythical creature, you can find certain pieces of him in other real animals you know: He's got cheetah paws, for speed, buffalo horns, for agility and stamina, and the face of a Saint Bernard for fairness and goodness.

4. The Fighting Pickle

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts doesn't have any sports teams, but that didn't stop them from making their own mascot: enter the Fighting Pickle. The mascot with personality and mystery dates back to 1972 when a campus contest was held to name a mascot for an intramural football team.

Always ready for action, The Fighting Pickle is never without his adventure mask and paintbrush to paint the town red…well, blue; and even a director's clap board to let students know when it's time for action.

5. Keggy the Keg

Dartmouth College doesn't mince words – During your four years in college, you might have, at least, one or two drinks, which is why they made their mascot Keggy the Keg. Introduced in 2003 by members of the college's humor magazine, Keggy was chosen because he was thought to be relatable and friendly. The magazine thought the school would see Keggy and come up with a new mascot…but that never happened.

Keggy was so popular that he was once even kidnapped! But eventually he returned home and has been loved ever since…minus that one time he got stolen again in 2009. Someone get that mascot a bodyguard.

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