5 of the country’s largest home listings you can daydream about living in

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 11:52 PM, Sep 12, 2017

If you like to dream about the house you'd totally live in if it weren't for bills, kids, pets, etc., then Teresa Strasser is about to make your daydreams even better. She's bringing you the largest homes in the country that are up for sale, if you feel like doing some crowdsourcing for move-in costs.

5. 887 Closter Dock Rd. – Alpine, NJ

If you've ever wanted to live like Britney Spears and Chris Rock, then this is the house that can get you on your way. Hidden away in the Estates in Alpine, this 8 acre home features 11 "bedroom suites", a conservatory, and an indoor basketball court – because who wants to go all the way outside to sweat?

You'll also have the comfort of knowing that no expense was spared making this a high quality mansion – even your tennis court is layered with US Open deco turf. That's reserved for the pros – but you can have it home, for just under $30 million bucks.

4. 142 & 144 Hopewell Rd – Alton, NH

This house is so big it needs two addresses. It's also perfect for any (rich) Wes Anderson fan as the interior features rich wood, nostalgic brick landscaping, long winding staircases, and beautiful lake views. Not to mention the selfie worthy, quirky wallpapering.

Now all you need to do is get signed to do a Wes Anderson film so you can afford the home, listed for just under $20 million – a steal, really…

3. 6112 N. Paradise View Drive – Paradise Valley, AZ

This is a good house to have if you have a lot of kids or like having your in-laws over…but not having to see them. This house is 52,000 square feet and has fourteen bedrooms. You literally would have to make an effort to see the other people that live in your home with space like that.

You might need more than just a few roommates to cover the rent though – this mammoth of a house is listed for around $8.6 million. That'll give you a reason to hunt them down.

2. 172 Bliss Canyon Road – Bradbury, CA

This home is perfect for anyone who loves the feeling of being outdoors but doesn't actually like to go out there, gross. The home features an indoor shooting range and a trout pond. No word on if the trout are included or if they're extra, though…

And when you're tired of the indoor outdoors, you can retire to your 3D theater to relax with your favorite flick.

1. 5501 W. Hamilton Road – Fort Wayne, IN

This is a house for anyone who loves trees and long drives to their garage. Also know as "Freeland Farms" this home is listed as having over 50,000 square feet of "museum quality" construction and even an equestrian facility – finally, a place that doesn't charge you to bring your pet horse! It also features a "large wine room" which is perfect for anyone who often finds that their wine drinking can clear a room – plenty of space for people to avoid talking to you about politics.

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