5 old school threads you can still buy (and wear!) today

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Posted: 8:10 PM, Mar 2, 2017

We all had that one outfit in middle school outfit that made us feel as cool as Marty McFly or as babely as Kelly Kapowski. But if you tossed out that outfit because you thought you’d never look as rad as you did then, don’t worry, dude. You can still celebrate National Old Stuff Day the right way with our list of five old school threads – from sandals, to dresses, even a couple loud pairs of pants – that you can STILL buy right now to get your closet time capsule in working order.

1.  Jelly Sandals

Are you jell-in? You can be when you pick up a pair of jelly sandals, actually made for big kids like us! Find your favorite childhood shoes in new grown up styles, like heels, low-cut ballet flats, or wedges that you can wear out on the town. But if you’re an old school jelly sandals stickler, you’ll still find classic, T-strap sandals in those bright, neon colors and maybe even some with extra sparkle at a trendy store near you or even on Amazon.    

2.  Zubaz

You may not have a body builder’s bod, but you can have a body builder’s fashion staple with a pair of classic Zubaz pants. They may no longer be made in all your favorite sports team’s colors, but you can still find a variety of Zubaz colors to fit your every mood.

Worried zebra print is a little too played out, even for Zubaz? Zubaz thought of that – stand out from the herd even more with a pair of snakeskin print pants. And ladies, if you want to work the prints but don’t want all that extra fabric weighing you down, check out the company’s more current twist on their classic with their line of Zubaz brand leggings.

3.  A-Line Denim Jumpers

Denim ruled in the 80s and 90s. Sure we have a few denim classics around now, but some denim delights have been lost over time – but not this schoolyard staple. You can still live your preppy middle school dreams when you add a denim jumper to your wardrobe. You can find a classic A-line version, but if you’re looking for a fancier fit, these jumpers do now come in more than just one style. And while some of the colors offered now aren’t as brightly threaded as we might remember them, you’ll still find a lot of variety, from faded denim washes to darker washes. Whether a classic fit or a bit updated, you can own the urban playground in one of these.

4.  Wallet Chains

You know when you see a fad go and you wonder, “Did they just stop making those?” Well, if you’ve been hoping they didn’t stop making belt bling, we’ve got good news for you. Wallet chains are still out there, ready to rock out with you. Back in the day, wallet chains were a good way to show your crew that you could bling out anything, even your jean pockets. You could attach them to your wallet if you wanted or just adorn your baggy denim before heading out to class with your pals. Whether you want to bring your chains back for functionality or swagger, you can find the right wallet chain for you, without even having to drive to the mall.

5.  Chunky Platforms

Reaching new heights was no problem in the 90s when it came to footwear. We’ve seen the resurgence of punk style creepers, but if your old stuff was a little more on the prep side, rejoice: you can still find those chunky platforms to you can lift your shoe game, literally. Check out these throwbacks by J. Adams with very 90’s designs, from classic white leather with basketball holes to glitter pattern. Glitter! If you’re looking for the same platform with an updated look, Keds’ “Triple Core” shoe brings back the crisp white we all had back in the day, along with those extra platform inches to give us a boost, but with a thinner canvas on top.

If you’re looking to take your platform look from the playground to the boardroom or maybe just somewhere a little nicer, don’t forget the platform loafers you always wore to school, or dress up a little more with these old school style platform oxfords, complete with embroidered flowers – very back in the day. Find yourself a pair of decorative socks and your feet will be a pretty sweet reminder of how cool you used to be (and still are, obviously).

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