5 ‘Shark Tank’ Products You Need for Your Home

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By: Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli Posted: 9:29 PM, Nov 24, 2017

If you watch the show Shark Tank, you know some of the products pitched on the show can be a little ridiculous. But often, the show uncovers hidden product gems that, not only actually work, but also make things like household chores a whole lot easier. So, get ready to pad that holiday wish list, because we're showing you 5 Shark Tank successes you didn't know your home needed, until right now.

1. The Lifter Hamper

Doing your laundry is about to get a whole lot easier, thanks to this intuitive laundry hamper. You'll love that the hamper comes on wheels, making it easier to move your hamper from the bedroom to the laundry room. But the magic of the Lifter Hamper is its bungee, spring loaded liner that rises as you take laundry out, making it easier to get those dirty clothes into the dryer and those clean clothes back in the drawers.

Perfect for anyone with lower back issues – or anyone who hates leaning over for that last dirty sock – this hamper comes to you, keeping laundry day from becoming a literal pain. You can lighten your laundry day load by grabbing the Lifter Hamper from Target for around $30.

2. GoodHangups Hanging Solutions

We all love to personalize our spaces with pictures and posters, but nails and push pins can damage walls and other sticky adhesives don't always work on certain surfaces. That's where GoodHangups comes in. These removable, reusable magnetic hangers help you post up your favorite pics, while protecting any surface you put them on: concrete, tile, wood, even brick!

You can grab a set of 24 MagnaStickers and magnets for your home for around $20 from QVC.com.

3. EZPZ Happy Mat

If you know some kids in your life that love to make a mess at meal time, grab them an EZPZ Happy Mat. These mats are both a placemat and plate in one – your child's food goes in the plate sections, then the plate suctions to your table (so the kids can't fling them around) and if they make a mess, your table (and your sanity) can rest easy knowing that flung or fallen will be contained to the silicone-constructed mat – much easier to clean than a tablecloth or your kitchen table.

The mats are also microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, making meal time so much easier, you might even want one for yourself! Make dinner time with the kiddos a breeze by picking up an EZPZ Dinner Mat from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for around $25.

4. Scrub Daddy Sponge

We've all stood over the sink with that one skillet that refused to be scrubbed clean no matter what we tried. Now, you don't have to work as hard to keep your dishes clean thanks to the Scrub Daddy. this sponge changes texture depending on the job you need it to do, helping you get rid of the countless different sponges you have for different messes.

Its fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand size makes it perfect for tackling any kind of cleaning job and it can scrub down just about anything , from your stainless steel pans to your car's exterior! You can find the Scrub Daddy at lots of stores near you, from Target to The Home Depot, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and more! Head here to see where you can grab a Scrub Daddy for your all your cleaning needs.

5. Rapid Ramen Cooker

After all that cleaning and hard work you get done around the house, you deserve to treat your self to a quick and easy snack. But if you love to dig into a cup of ramen, you know how it can sometimes be a drag to wait for you noodles to get cookin' in a pot. But now, you can have your ramen faster than you can spell the word "noodle" thanks to the microwaveable Rapid Ramen Cooker.

The little magic bowl helps your ramen cook in half the time it takes to cook on the stove, without the stove! So bring your favorite packet of Ramen to work! As long as you've got a microwave and 3 minutes, you've got a tasty meal on your hands – and in your tummy. Pick up the Rapid Ramen Cooker from Target for around $5.

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