5 Songs That Prove Pet Parent Love is Real Love

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 8:08 PM, Dec 5, 2017

If you think your pet deserves as much holiday love as the humans in your life do, BarkBox knows how you feel. So, if anyone looks at you funny for planning to fill a stocking full of goodies for your pet, just send them this hilarious video featuring two rapping dog moms who aren't afraid to show the world why holidays with a pet is the best way to celebrate.

If you loved this hilarious rap about pet life during the holidays, but want an anthem for being crazy about your pet, the whole year 'round, here are 5 more pet raps about whatever you run home after work to. No matter what kind of pet you make smoochy faces at, we're all one in the pet parent game, so, here's some sweet songs going out to you and give you the respect you deserve.

1. Dog Dads

BarkBox knows that ladies aren't the only ones holding it down for their pups. So, they teamed up with Dog Dadz to record this love song about dudes who cruise with and care for the four-legged loves in their lives.

2. Stroking a Cat

Cat owners, we know better than to leave you out. If you need a sweet jam that really explains the love you have for your precious ball of fluff, check out this cuddly rap by British rapper, Dan Bull, who isn't afraid to rap about the way his cats make him feel – full of love.

3. Cat Luv at Christmas

And if you're planning to love your cat with some extra 'nip this holiday season, celebrate along side Portland rapper iAmMoshow, one of the most cat-centric rappers on YouTube, and his precious cats, all dolled up for Christmastime.

4. The Dog Song

Sure, when you meet a friend's dog, you play with them, and you tell them how precious they are. But deep down, you know that your dog is way better than your friend's dog will ever be. And this rap battle by yozupp about whose dog woofs supreme brings those feelings to the mic in a pretty hilarious way.

5. The Best of the Rest

Don't have a dog or a cat? You can still get down with pride, thanks to one 4th grade class that wrote raps about their favorite animals, that also happen to make great pets. Represent.


If you loved BarkBox's holiday dog mom rap, then take a second to really get to know T-Spoon, ZZ Tophalf, and their rap-worthy pooches. Here's their original rap going out to all the ladies taking care of, and spoiling, their furry dog babies.

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