5 steps to adding curb appeal with a Free Little Library

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 8:16 PM, Aug 25, 2017

If you love to read, then you've got to love the Little Free Libraries that have popped up all over. More than 50 thousand of these little houses for books have been placed around the country, helping anyone read or share a book with others – for free! No returns, no hassles! If you could use some more free stuff in your neighborhood, Jared Cotter is showing you how easy it is to make a Little Free Library for your block!

You can always build your own little library if you're handy, but if you're not sure you'll be able to start from scratch, start with a pre-made kit you can get here. Then personalize the kit with some of these ideas:

1. Light It Up

When you put up a Little Free Library, people will visit at all times – even at night! So it's important for you to make sure your library can be seen after dark. Consider putting a motion sensor light on your library, so if someone walks by or takes a look when it's dark out, they'll be able to see what books and adventures await them.

2. Think of the Dogs

Some of the people strolling by your Little Free Library will walking along with their pups. But it can be hard for someone to look for a good book when Fido doesn't feel like stopping. Make your library dog-people friendly by installing a dog hook for people to hang leashes on while they look.

Your library might also get a lot of foot traffic if dog-walkers know you have doggy bags as well. Think about buying a multi pack of dog bags, which you can get at the dollar store, to give dog-walkers a hand and get more people by your library.

3. Think of the Children

Get the kids in your neighborhood more excited to read by adding things they'll want to take with them at your library. Bookmarks and fun stickers will get the kids' around your library excited to stop by, and they're another gift you can grab at the dollar store! Plus, the kids will bring their parents along, meaning more eyes on your little library's books.

4. Talk to Your Gusts

If you're worried no one is stopping by your Little Free Library, consider adding a guest book or page. You can get to know the people who visit regularly, and sometimes people might leave you a sweet note of encouragement.

5. Curb Appeal

Some people get a lot of visitors at their Little Free Libraries by making it look beautiful from far away. Consider adding some flowers, homegrown veggies, or seasonal decorations around your library. It'll make the library more whimsical and you can offer the flowers and vegetables to your neighbors and gifts!

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