5 Surprising Amazon Prime Perks You Probably Didn’t Know About

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli Posted: 9:18 PM, Mar 26, 2018

Amazon Prime comes with its number of perks, we all know that. More than 90 million people have signed up to get access to free two-day shipping and streaming movies and TV shows. But we've found a few other surprising benefits you probably didn’t know about, and can start taking advantage of today.  

1. Unlimited Photo Storage 

If you love taking pictures with your phone, then you know how frustrating it can be to have your phone's storage get eaten up by all those pics. Amazon Prime has a feature that gives you unlimited photo storage. You can upload via the website, or you can use the free smartphone app for Android and IOS. Prime Photos also allows up to five members of your household to upload unlimited photos as well. 

2. Perks for Music Lovers 

Did you know you can get a free digital copy of that new CD or vinyl album you just bought? "Auto-Rip" lets you download the digital version of your CD immediately after you purchase it – no ripping required. 

3. Prime's Sample Boxes  

Unsure of your next purchase? Try it before you buy it! Prime Samples is a new program that allows Prime customers a simple and easy way to explore new brands and products. These boxes start at $5, and the entire purchase price is credited back to your account in the form of "sampling credits." These credits can then be used towards future purchases of select products from the categories you sampled. 

4. Charitable "Giving Back Boxes" 

Amazon will cover your shipping costs when you donate old clothing and toys to the "Give Back Box" Charity. You simply use an old "Prime" box, load it up and go to GiveBackBox.com to print out a free label. 

5. Amazon Gift Card Perks 

Gift cards are a dime a dozen, but when you reload Amazon's gift cards, you get 2% cash back. And the first $100 you reload onto the card will give you a $5 bonus.  

As you can see, a $99 yearly subscription fee for Amazon Prime is worth more than free shipping and streaming. There are more perks than you think that'll get you the most "Prime" bang for your bucks.  

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