5 surprising things you didn’t know about Barbie

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Todd Covelli Posted: 3:29 PM, Mar 9, 2017

America's toy sweetheart Barbie is 58 years young this year. She's graced the runway, been to space and delighted little girls in more than 150 countries worldwide, but there's so much more to this plastic princess. Kristina Guerrero and Barbie expert Stacey Fitzgibbons have five surprising things you didn’t know about this famous doll.

1.  Barbie Inspired by Paper Dolls

Barbara Millicent Roberts is Barbie's real name and she got her start when Mattel co- owner Ruth Handler noticed her daughter Barbara's fondness for paper dolls. When Barbara was on a trip to Europe she saw a doll that looked like a paper doll, brought it back to Mattel and Barbie was born.

2.  Barbie Has Had 150 Careers

Barbie was every girl, everybody, anything you could dream, She was an astronaut, teacher, doctor, dog walker, a karate instructor, dentist, and more!

3.  Barbie Broke Racial Barriers

There was a very popular television show called Julia and Mattel made a doll based on her, so Julia was really the first Barbie to cross racial lines.

4.  Ken & Barbie Broke Up in 2014

Ken and Barbie have been an item since he was introduced in 1961, but in 2004 they broke up. According to Mattel they needed some space. Barbie even dated Australian surfer doll Blaine for a while, but it didn't last long. In 2010 they got back together.

5.  Dad’s Play Barbies

Now dad is all about Barbie and it's blowing up on YouTube. Barbie even has her own channel dedicated to dads playing with their daughters and Barbie dolls.

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