5 Things That Are Cheaper to Buy Online

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By: Meredith Witthar Posted: 9:59 PM, Sep 12, 2016

More and more savvy shoppers are doing their shopping online and there's a reason. Some things are way cheaper on the web. Of course there are no guarantees, but next time you're buying one of these items, it's worth giving the online option a look. Kristina Guerrero has five things you probably didn't know can be a lot cheaper online.

1.  Amusement Park Tickets

Prices go up and down almost as fast as the rides and no single site is best — for example, some save you a lot on a multi-day ticket to Disney World, but will kill you on a two-day ticket to Universal — so do your research. Find your base prices and compare sites like Undercovertouris, Kijubi, and AAA.  Maybe you'll even save enough to buy some nachos!

2.  Pet Food

You might find it cheaper at a big discount store, but it might contain ingredients rejected by the company that makes prison hot dogs. If you want food that'll let your pet outlive a dollar store flashlight, you can rack up big savings on sites like PetFoodDirect, Chewy, or Wag.

3.  Specialty Food Items

Sites like SpicesForLess can be your worldwide market. Exotic spices, ethnic seasonings, and dried herbs that only hipsters know how to pronounce — on the net, you won't have to burn half a tank of gas driving to a specialty store that charges specialty store prices. If you're into a super healthy or restrictive diet, try sites like Vitacost.

4.  Gift Cards

Sites like Gift Card Granny (NOW CLOSED) and Gift Card Rescue sell them for less than the amount of money left on the card, and if you have a gift card you don't want you can sell them for cash online as well.

5.  Eyeglasses

Now sites like FramesDirect have a "virtual mirror" that lets you see how you'll look, while WarbyParker will mail you five pairs to try for five days, for free! These sites offer very competitive pricing as well.

That’s five things you didn't know are cheaper online.

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