5 Things You Should Look For At a Garage Sale

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By: Jaime Purvis Posted: 4:25 PM, Jul 24, 2016

Weekend garage sales are the best places to find unique items and score amazing deal; sometimes even collectable items! Here's our list of the top five items you should look for when shopping at a garage sale. 

1. Retro Toys and Dolls

Old toys and dolls, like Barbie, can make you so serious money if you find one at a yard sale. These items are very popular on eBay. Serious collectors search high and low for unique toys to add to their collection. You'll make a ton of money, especially if the toys are in great condition. 

2. Big Pieces of Furniture

The older the better! You can usually find solid wood furniture at garage sales that you can renovate and make your own. Just give the piece a little love with sanding, a fresh coat of pant and new fabric. 

3. Vinyl Records

There is nothing like the sound of a record player. Vinyl is back and you need to get in on this trend. If you don't have a record player, don't worry! Check for recording, artist and the condition. You may score yourself a great deal. 

4. Clothing by the Bag

Chances are, you don't want to just buy one piece of clothing for $10. Some sellers sell their clothing by the bag, meaning you get more for a lower price! Don't be afraid to negotiate. 

5. Dishware

It doesn't have to be fine china, but you'll sure find an eclectic collection at a yard sale. If you're not looking for dishware to add to your collection, find unique pieces to use as wall art. 

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