5 Tips to Turn Your Love & Money Into a Winning Combo

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:03 PM, Oct 26, 2016

Money issues are one of the top causes of divorce, but a new study by Ameriprise Financial says when it comes to money, opposites can attract. Jimmy Rhoades and financial adviser Marcy Keckler have five winning strategies used by couples who report financial harmony.

1.  The Couple That Banks Together…

Most happy couples have joint accounts.

2.  Empower Policing

Most happy couples empower each other to police to police spending

3.  Check I.O.U. Before Saying I Do

For couples considering getting married, it can make sense to make sure you do sit down and discuss roles and expectations.

4.  It’s Never Too Late

Even if you didn't start out on that footing, you can always come back to it, and reassess where you stand and how you can work together better.

5.  Seek Counseling

Engage a financial professional or financial adviser to help. That person can serve as a neutral, third party to help facilitate conversations where there might be disagreement and help people come together and bridge those gaps.

Here’s the entire Ameriprise Financial study.

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