5 toys you can take to the bank

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 1:47 PM, Mar 8, 2017

One weekend, you’re looking through your attic for your bowling shoes and you come across an old toy you had that you loved then lost. You might not have time to play with it now and it might not be cool to carry it around again, but your wallet might be able to use it for something good. We’re showing you the top 5 toys from your past that are now selling for top dollar, including Beanie Babies, Hot Wheels, and Furbies.

1. Hot Wheels

These hot rod cars have been driving circles around other toys for decades. If you’ve got a car from the ‘90s, ‘80s, or ‘70s, you can make a pretty penny, especially if they’re rare. If you’ve got a 1985 Peugeot 505 Hot Wheel, you can get at least $40 for it. This 1974 RedLine Ramblin Wrecker Tow Truck sold for $50. And the further back you go, the more money you can make: check out this Vintage Mattel Redline Firebird, that’s going for over $800! They may seem small, but after you do some digging and some selling, a few old Hot Wheels can make your wallet a little bigger.

2. American Girl Dolls

These dolls helped make history fun for us as kids and now they can help us as grown ups by finding us a little extra cash. American Girls that have been retired, like Molly or Kirsten, can go for up to $175. And that’s just for the doll, or even the doll and her titular book. Dolls that come with more accessories like clothes or furniture, can expect to tack on some extra dollars. And that means that even if you just have a few furniture or clothing sets, you can still make yourself some money.

3. Original Furbies

If your old school Furby hasn’t already flown your coop, you can get a good sale off of it, especially if it’s from 1998. That's the toy’s original release year, and it can mean big bucks for you. One classic look Furby fetched its former owner $75. And another, also a ’98 original, got its owner $90! And if you happened to end up with a kind of funky Furby with some type of distinguishing feature, say, it had two-toned eyes, it could go for at least $100.

4. Game Boy Color

If you put your Game Boy on the shelf, dust it off and bring it to your computer! A Game Boy Color along with a few games can pick up around $170 on eBay. And if you somehow kept your hands off your Game Boy and kept it in the box when you got it, not only do you have the world’s greatest amount of self-control, you can also get around $400 for it!

5. Beanie Babies

You know you had a few of these babies around. And if you didn’t give them all away to your baby siblings, you could find yourself with a good amount of money if you sell a few of these. Especially if you happened to keep the 1997 Princess Diana Beanie Baby. This bear has been sold for over $5,000. You read that right. Even if you don’t get that much for it, you could get at least $500, which isn’t too shabby. Other Beanie Babies that sell well are any that are 1st generation, which are Beanie Babies that were made between 93-94, can get you anywhere from $100-300.

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