5 Trends From 2016 That Need to Die in 2017

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Elyse Johnson Posted: 4:22 PM, Jan 4, 2017

All good things must come to an end and that means it’s time to say goodbye to some popular things from last year. Bradley Hasemeyer has five trends from 2016 that our fans on Facebook voted, need to die in 2017.

5.  Whopperrito

This is basically all the insides of a burger in a wrap. Looks like you want your whopper to stay in a bun. On a side note, the sushi burrito is a fan favorite and we're not ready to get rid of that.

4.  Fake News

With more and more people getting their news from social media, stories that are completely made up need to go.

3.  Contouring

This is used as a way to enhance your facial structure through makeup. It didn't end with the face, .there was shoulder, hair and even nail contouring. Since the "no makeup look" is all the rage now, it's time say buh bye to any and all contouring.

2.  Challenges

There’s the Mannequin where everyone freezes in action when the camera rolls, Andy’s Coming, those words mean everyone drops to the ground and so many more. Instead of raising awareness for a good cause like the Ice Bucket Challenge, these have morphed into "hey ma look at mé" and those are definitely out.

1.  Pokémon GO

While the mobile game does have a host of benefits like getting people up and moving outside, one San Diego researcher found that in a 10 day period the game caused over 100,000 distracted driving incidents. Let's put our phones down, get out of augmented reality and into the real world!

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