5 Ways Apple is Changing the Way We Text

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By: Jaime Purvis Posted: 6:15 PM, Jun 14, 2016

Apple just released their plans for iOS 10 and it will change the way we communicate on our phones. Launching in the Fall of this year, allowing you to do more and say more in more unique ways. Birthday messages will never be the same; here's why. 

Here are five new features we can't wait to use:

1. Handwritten messages

Make your text a little more personal.

2. Tap to replace Emoji

If you feel like your text is lacking some emojis, just tap and it will replace all your words with emojis.  

3. Let's Celebrate

Wish someone a "happy birthday" with balloon or confetti animations that take over the entire screen. 

4. Invisible Ink

Send a text or photo that is hidden. If you receive one, just swipe over the message bubble to reveal it. The suspense is real!

5. Stickers

Stick one on top of a message bubble or dress up a photo. 

Which of these features would you use the most? Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter page!