5 Ways Child Care Has and Will Change Over Time

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By: Jaime Purvis | Dave Taylor Posted: 9:49 PM, Sep 29, 2016

The moms at The BreakWomb are back at it! This time they are talking child safety over the years. From the advent of the crib, to modern day and beyond, here's how our mindset has changed about child safety. 

Here's a closer look at child safety across time:

1. 1850s

It was hard to believe that people would put their babies to sleep in a crib. 

2. 1950s

It was strange that parents took their kids inside the grocery store to shop.

3. 1970s

Car seats would never catch on.

4. Modern Day

Parents are all about helmets, sunscreen and hand sanitizer. #NoGerms

5. The Future

Kids won't hear anything that's scary!

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