5 whimsical backyard pools crazy enough to work!

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By: Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli Posted: 9:15 PM, Jun 6, 2017

Summer time means hot weather and weekends by the pool – so, if you think your backyard beach could use a little sprucing up before pool season but you don't know where to start, get some inspiration from some of these crazy swimming pools! We do, however, advise that you check with your HOA first before trying out some of these creations out on your lawn; but if you don't do that, at least prepare for some jealous neighbors:

1. The Stock Tank Pool

These tanks were originally designed for big, beefy farm animals. But mom and blogger Stacey Masser saw them as an opportunity to create a pretty rad swimming pool – and we approve! Very vintage; very rustic; very pinterest-worthy. Want to give this pool a try? Check out her step-by-step guide here!

2. The Scuba Pool

This Springville, Utah pool boasts five waterfalls, a water slide, and a scuba diving tunnel. If you're looking to make it at your house, all you'll need is a space of 140 feet by 60 feet, a few hundred thousand gallons of water, oh, and just $2 million – pennies, really.

3. The Shipping Container Pool

They can be turned into homes; they can be turned into restaurants; and now shipping containers can be turned into backyard pools. Aussie company, ShippingContainerPools.Com.AU, was among the first to upcycle cargo carriers and make them your new recreational carrier. And you can get one in the states, for just about $20,000. More pennies.

4. The Bauhaus Bedroom See-Through Pool

This pool will give you dreams under the sea with its glass bottom rooftop pool, set up on top of the master bedroom. If this seems like your dream bedroom, you can buy this Atlanta, Georgia house, for just over $1,000,000. Just hope the pool doesn't spring any leaks or you'll be paying for a new pool and bed…

5. The Truck Pool

Don't have millions or thousands to make your dream backyard pool? Well you'll only need a few hundred for this brilliant (emphasis on the brilliant) pool idea – just set it up in your pick up truck! Very portable, very messy, but probably very fun, if you can hold on for the ride.

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