5 Youtube channels you have to see to believe

When you've got millions of channels and 12 YEARS worth of material like Youtube does, there'll always be something for everyone: educational stuff, music stuff, videos of dogs fighting water hoses…But with that much content comes some pretty interesting things you can't unsee. Donna Ruko's scrolling through some of the most obscure, interesting, and just plain weird Youtube channels you can watch right now from weird How To's, to blasts from the past, to cat videos, because duh.

1. 10 Cats+

Undoubtedly one of our favorite channels, if you need a fifth or sixth cat-centric Youtube channel for your cat video watching needs, check out 10 Cats+. The channel follows the daily life and events of 14 frisky kitties with super cute and super funny personalities. Plus cats doing science, adorable music, interesting cat facts, and…oh, what else do you need? They're cat videos! Just give us the cats!

2. TV Carnage

You know you've been up too late at night when you're watching really weird infomercials about chip bag openers and self-warming slippers. If you've ever wondered what happens to those outtakes and other sketchy infomercials and bad TV you were probably asleep for, you can find them all on TV Carnage. They've compiled hours of random, ridiculous, and hilarious TV moments for your viewing pleasure.

3. Jillian Meyer

Jillian Meyer is an artist and filmmaker that uses videos and performances to comment on the ways we interact with the internet and why. Why do we post funny videos or makeup tutorials or videos about our emotions? We don't know! So Meyer decided she'd find out with her interesting, and award winning, brand of really bright, sometimes musical, somewhat confusing, yet thought provoking videos that parody our current viral culture.

4. Dan Bell's Dead Malls Series

Documentaries help us learn more about the world around us and no one knows this better than videographer Dan Bell who travels the country documenting the downfall of…well…malls in his series, Dead Malls. Relive your food court visiting days as he takes you on a walking tour of malls being shown the revolving door by online shopping. He also cuts in collective clips of the essential things from the decade the mall opened in. This might include weird Windows computer graphics or awkward interviews with 80s ski babes. You know, all that stuff that you look back on and think, "Why did we ever think this was cool…"

5. HowToBasic

Another channel parodying the "how-to" world on Youtube (at least, you should consider it a parody) is HowToBasic, a page that has become pretty popular on Youtube for its…interesting visual advice on how to solve common problems like, stopping snoring, or even turning on your TV. The thing is, HowToBasic's advice often involves very unorthodox solution methods, like eggs, or…sledgehammers…it's hard to explain. You've just got to watch.

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