6 Clothing Innovations for 6 Common Clothes Complaints

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:46 PM, Oct 2, 2017

Nothing puts extra pep in your step like putting on some new clothes; but sometimes it can also get stressful – It's hard enough to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled, stained, or smelly, let alone figuring out what to do when they don't come with pockets. But looking good is about to get a whole lot easier: Here are 6 clothing innovations, you didn't know about, that are getting rid of the hard work that comes with looking good.

1. "I Love this Outfit, But It Has No Pockets."

Don't you hate when you have the perfect outfit for going out, but realize the only thing missing is pockets? Now you can make anything in your closet have pockets with NoSo Pockets. These pockets are lined with a super-stick, durable adhesive that you can attach to any article of clothing and take off when you don't need it. No more asking your friends to hold your stuff!

Just peel off the pocket's tabs, position them on your shirt, sweater, tank top, dress, etc.; press it on – then you're done! The company is so confident that your pocket will stay on and keep your belongings, that if it pops off anything you attach it to, they'll send you a new one! You can even wash the pockets in your washing machine while they're attached to a shirt!

2. "I Need a Shirt That Outlasts Stains & My Deodorant."

When it comes to clothes, it's hard to be prepared for the unexpected. But now you don't have to fear spilling your coffee or forgetting to put on deodorant thanks to Ably Apparel. The company makes clothes that are not only stain repellent, but odor repellent too. Ably's clothes are made with the unexpected in mind thanks to their patented Filium technology that uses natural fabrics to repel stains and liquids.

This technology also doesn't absorb or retain microbes found in human sweat, and it's those microbes that take your clothes from fresh and clean to stinky. You can workout and wear out a shirt by Ably for days without having to worry about clearing a room with your scent.

3. "My Canvas Sneakers are so Dirty I Can't Wear Them Anymore."

We all know the fancy cleaning solutions for our leather shoes, but if your canvas sneakers are looking a little less than pristine, you don't have to toss them to the back of your closet – just pick up Pink Miracle! This shoe cleaner and conditioner contains saddle soap, gentle oils, and conditioners that clean dirt, scum, grease, even grass stains off any washable shoe material. But Pink Miracle doesn't just clean – its oils help restore shoes to their original colors! No fading or settling necessary!

The solution can be used on every kind of shoe canvas, from your Nike running shoes, to your flashy mixed material, going out sneakers, even to strappy sandals and espadrilles, as weird as those fabrics can be. One fan of the cleaner loved it so much, he tried it on his car's upholstery and it even cleaned that too! Pick up this true miracle for only around $16.

4. "I Want to Untuck My Shirt, But It Looks Ridiculous."

When it comes to menswear, a big complaint from guys is that few shirts look good when they aren't tucked in. Enter UNTUCKit. This company did its research to find out where guys wanted their shirts to fall when they don't tuck them in and came up with the perfect designs in every style.

Now you can let your polos, dress shirts, even t-shirts hang loose, without looking like your clothes don't fit. The company even makes jackets and sports coats that are tailored to match the lengths of their modern fit shirts so guys can put their own casual looks together, without looking like a slob. And ladies, the company didn't leave you out. Switch up your work look with one of UNTUCKit's tailored Women's tops that look good tucked in or let loose.

5. "I Want My Clothes to Look Good, Without Needing Ironing."

If you do a lot of packing up your clothes for travel (or if you tend to slack on putting your clean laundry away), you can stop worrying about wrinkles with TravelSmith's line of wrinkle-free clothes. From pants to tops and even to jackets, the company uses special stitching techniques and strong, durable fabrics like rayon, spandex, and alpaca, that are tough enough to keep clothes from wrinkling and help your clothes dry quickly, for those unexpected stains.

Customers of the company rant and rave about how the clothes maintain themselves, with no extra work. And TravelSmith even keeps your travel needs in mind, making clothes that not only last all trip long in a suitcase, but protect your identity, like this RFID Blocking Sport Coat that features an RFID blocking chest pocket to protect your ID and credit cards from cyber thieves! Now that's practical fashion.

6. "I Want My Shoes to Look Good at Night, But Don't Want to Pay Lots to Do It."

Looking for an alternative to reflective footwear that will keep you in sight, day or night? Check out Pandora's Box's unisex LED shoes. The shoes are made like your favorite athletic shoe, featuring textile uppers and rubber soles, which means they're well made enough for you to wear them without the lights. But when you're looking to add some flash to your step, just flip the light switch to start the light up party.

The shoes can light up in 7 steady colors or you can make them flash different colors as well. The best thing about them, the shoes are rechargeable by USB. Just plug them in and they're ready to light up again. Even better than being rechargeable, these rockin' sneaks are available for around $40 so you can make a statement, without worrying about your bank statement.

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